History and Craftsmanship
Blackcurrant Liqueur - Crème de Cassis View full size

Blackcurrant Liqueur - Crème de Cassis

Blackcurrant Liqueur - Crème de Cassis

Cassis de Saintonge 18% Alc. By Vol. 500mL

The blackcurrants used for Jacquiot’s Blackcurrant Liqueur are grown exclusively on the estate.

This way, the fruits can be picked when idealy ripe and quickly taken to the cellars where they will macerate in the finest alcohol, following a strict process to obtain the most appreciated flavours and aromas of freshly picked berries of Jacquiot’s Blackcurrant Liqueur.

The fruits have a strong aromatic quality and are highly concentrated. This traditional method of production gives to Jacquiot’s Blackcurrant Liqueur all the flavors of old fashioned blackcurrant.

Gold Medal - Concours Mondial - Spirits Selection Brazil 2014

Silver Medal - Concours Général Agricole Paris 2013

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The liqueur is best appreciated when drunk pure, with ice or as a cocktail with white wine or Champagne. Highly concentrated with fruits, Jacquiot’s Blackcurrant Liqueur also offers great possibilities for cooking and will add superb flavour to your ice-creams, sorbets or other deserts.